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Fun to play together

Flip game that can be used in sailing classes or played with friends on the boat

3 difficulty levels

Divided into levels of difficulty, so you can learn at your own pace.
Sailing and motor boats, fishing vessels, commercial vessels, etc.

Recommended by sailing schools

Can be played in groups.
Perfect preparation for s sailing examn.

FUN Memory Game

PLay with day/Night Ship-signals

CallMeCaptain: SIGNALS is a fun memory game where you match a ship in daylight with its corresponding night signal.
Get comfortable with night sailing – Fun to play, easy to learn.

Incl. 72 pieces. 3 levels of difficulty. Can be played by everyone on board and used in sailing classes

Fun to play together

No prior knowledge of sailing necessary. You learn along the way

All day/night signals

Learn all international ship signals. The game contains 72 game pieces.

3 levels of difficulty

First play with sail/machine driven signals – then grounder, hovercraft etc.

Flip & match ships & signals

CallMeCaptain: SIGNALS is a turn-based game where you match a ship’s day signals with the corresponding night signal.

The game comes with a manual and an overview of international light signals for all types of ship vessels and how they match with ships in daylight. Players who do not know the signals in advance quickly learn to recognize the them.

3 levels of difficulty

All games in the CallMeCaptain series use real international sailing rules. That way you learn while you play.

CallMeCaptain: SIGNALS is divided into 3 levels of difficulty.
See an overview below. All ships’ day/night signals are included – seen from different sides.

Practice for a sailing examn or refresh your memory while having fun.

Find the Joker

Do you know which cardinal mark flashes 3 times at night and which lights up 6 quick flashes and 1 long?

The 4 cardinal marks are jokers in the game – find & match them with their night signal and you will get extra points.

Overview of ships in the game

An overview of all the ships and signals used in the game.


Prior knowledge of sailing rules not necessary.
But your memory will be tested before you can call yourself Captain ⛵️

Fun for the whole Crew

Have everyone on board learn a little about sailing while having fun.

The whole  family or a new crew quickly learns to recognize the light signals when sailing at night.

The perfect gift for new and experienced sailors

CallMeCaptain is perfect for the boat and long sailing trips.

72 Pieces + 3 levels of difficulty = Many hours of entertainment on the water for everyone

Are you a sailing school and interested in student sets?

What is the age group

CallMeCaptain:Signals is a great family game.
If you can play flip games and know the difference between right and left, you are old enough.

Younger players learn to tell the difference between starboard and portside and quickly learn how side lights show direction, while top lights show ship type and special characteristics.

Is the game in English?

Yes! All manuals and chips are available in English.

A solution booklet in English is included, where all matching day/night signals are shown together with a description of the ship, which side it is seen from and special characteristics if any.

How is the game played?

You choose which of the 3 levels of difficulty you want to play.
Or choose them all if you want to be challenged. ⛵️

When a piece is turned over, say out loud which ship it is and which side it is seen from – as well as possibly characteristics. Eg. “sailboat that sails with a motor – seen from starboard”

Each match gives the player +1 point. Cardinal marks and its corresponding light signal act as jokers. If you match them, you get +2 points.

The winner is the one with the most points at the end.

What is the difference between the games in the CallMeCaptain series?

All the games in the CallMeCaptain series can be used to learn international sailing rules while having fun.

Play together or alone
CallMeCaptain:Signals is a social game for 2+ players, while the original CallMeCaptain game is mind-bending challenges that can be solved alone or with others.

Can the game be used by sailing schools and preparation for sailing examns?

Yes, all CallMeCaptain games can be used as preparation for a proficiency course.

CallMeCaptain:Signals is particularly suitable for classroom teaching, as the game is available in class sets and several groups can play at the same time.

The 72 pieces cover all ship types that you must be able to recognize in order to pass a sailing examn.

The game is suitable as an activity in youth departments. Used by sailing clubs worldwide as the CallMeCaptain games use international sea rules.

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