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Perfect fit for the boat

Play while sailing

To much wind to sail?

Many hours of fun with 100 challenges from easy to expert

Bonus: Man-Over-Board

the easy way

Giveway Puzzles

Find the safe course to port

CallMeCaptain: GIVEWAY is a brainpuzzle card game, that is fun and educational.
Use real life sail rules – Anyone can learn, not everyone can be called Captain

100 waterresilient cards included + Man-Over-Board exercise

Fun for Landlubbers

No previous knowledge of sailing required.

Challenging for Deckhands

Make sailing rules sit on the
back of your hand

Hard for Old Sea Dogs

Expert challenges are brain twisting puzzles

100 challenges for Sail & Motor



Know how to set a course North while sailing southwest?
Remember to keep an eye on the compass. 🙂


Cardinal Marks

You have to pass marks on the safe side.
There´s only one possible route to the port


Give Way

Portside or Starboard tack?
Give Way rules for sail and motor boat the fun way.


Captain Challenges

Expert cards are a combination of all the 3 sailing rules used in the game.
Do you have what it takes to be Captain?



Issue a CallMeCaptain certificate to your crew before heading out to sea.

A fun way to introduce seamanship to guests on your boat.


Experience with sailing not required.
…but do you have what it takes to become a  Captain? ⛵️

The perfect gift to new & experienced sailors

When you purchase the game it includes waterproof and reusable cards

100 Challenges + ManOverBoard Maneuvre + GiveWay Cheat Sheet

Are you a sailing school and interested in student sets?

What is the age group?

Everyone can play from 7 years and up. Children and young people love contesting for the captain’s certificate.
Very young players can use the blue Waypoint cards to learn compass directions.

Both children and adults are challenged by the purple and black Captain challenges.

Is it a game for sailing schools & instructors?

Yes, the game can be used as a fun way to practice basic general rules of the sea. During the sailing trip or on land.

The game can be used as a supplement to a when studying for a sailing license.

The game is suitable as an activity in youth departments. Used by sailing clubs worldwide as CallMeCaptain applies international sea rules.

Can experienced sailors have fun with the game?

Yes, the expert challenges are very challenging. There is always ONLY one possible path to the port.
The game is also a perfect way to introduce the craftmanship of sailing to guests on your next boating trip

How to use certificate to challenge your crew?

Challenge your crew before heading out to sea. Let them for example complete the red give way challenges, before allowing them to steer the ship. The certificate roles are:

  • Cabin Steward – the coffee maker
  • DeckHand – help with ropes
  • North Star – master the compass
  • LookOut – knows how to pass marks on the safe side
  • Bosun – trim sails
  • Helmsman – steer the ship
  • Captain – in charge of ship & crew safety
How do I use the Man-Over-Board cards?

Before heading out to sea for the real safety exercise – your students/guests can get familiar with how to correctly turn the boat in a MOB maneuvre according to wind and wave directions.

The game includes a MOB card for both sail- and motorboats. A suggested maneuvre for small boats is illustrated on the back of the cards.

You can use your own preferred turn if you have a larger boat or another way to do the maneuvre

  • CallMeCaptain – GiveWay

  • CallMeCaptain – SIGNALS

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