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Here you find all the information you need to play CallMeCaptain

CallMeCaptain Manual: English

Read english manual here.

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How to play CallMeCaptain

Press links below to watch video and learn to the rules of the game in a few minutes

How to use Captain Silver cards

Captain Bertram Silver explains how to use the Man-Over-Board exercise and Give Way Cheat Sheet.

It’s easy to panic in a Man-Over-Board situation. Especially if you don’t have full control of how to avoid booming.

With these unique reusable cards, you can – together with your crew – practice the maneuver from all wind directions before you do the exercise at sea.

MOB maneuvre

(for small boats)


Motor Boat

  1. Slow down
  2. Face the waves
  3. Stop boat on leeward side of person
  4. Put engine in neutral and drift sideways

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Sail Boat

  1. Keep same tack.
  2. Adjust course to sail on a beam reach
  3. Take your time and then perform a brace turn (against the wind)
  4. Sail on leeward side of person
  5. Turn into eye of the wind and let sails flap

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Ready to solve the Neptune challenge?

The Neptune challenge is the ultimate challenge in CallMeCaptain and the top level in the certificate.

You can order this challenge as a poster – 60x85cm – for hanging at your marina or in your sailing school. Click here

Check Solution


You can check your solution to the Neptune challenge here.
Remember it is most fun if you let someone else check the solution. Then they will let you know when you got the solution right.

Click here to learn the rules of the game