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Several games to choose from

Play with Give Way rules or Ship Signals

Suitable for teaching

and as preparation for a sailing examn

For New & Experienced sailors

Many hours of fun and challenges for both children and adults

Play with the kids while sailing

#1 sailing games

the perfect activity on a sailing trip

Call Me Captain is a series of fun and educational games for all kinds of sailors.
Use correct sailing rules – Everyone can learn to play, but not everyone can become a Captain

Fun to play

No prior knowledge of sailing necessary. You learn along the way

Play with real sailing rules

Play with international sailing rules. Learn right-of-way, sea marks and ship signals in a fun way

Recommended by sailing schools

All CallMeCaptain games are suitable for teaching and as preparation for sailing examns

CallMeCaptain: SIGNALS

CallMeCaptain: SIGNALS is a fun turn-based memory game where you have to match a ship with its corresponding night signal. Learn to recognize all international day/night ship signals

Get comfortable with night sailing – Fun to play, easy to learn. Played together with 2+ players.

Perfect for the boat but also for teaching. Available as a class set

CallMeCaptain: GIVE WAY

The original CallMeCaptain game, where wind and compass direction determine which way you safely sail around compass marks and other sailing- & motorboats.

100 brain-twisting challenges where you draw the safe course to port. Multiple difficulty levels so everyone can play.

BONUS: Man-over-board exercise and Give-Way cheat sheet included.

The fun way to learn sailing

CallMeCaptain are not just educational games. They are also fun & social games for the long hours on the water and pleasant evenings in the harbour.

Compete with each other in different levels of difficulty or test your crew before you hit the water.

Are you a sailing school and interested in student sets?

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